Back on June 28th we did a workout that I quite enjoyed, the CrossFit Open workout 11.1 (workout 1, 2011).

It’s a simple couplet–10 minute AMRAP, one round being 30 double unders and 15 75lb snatches. On that day I did 4 rounds plus one extra double under and was pretty pleased with that however this past Wednesday, I had a feeling that I wouldn’t match that score.  As you read previously I haven’t been performing well on my workouts this week and it was getting to me so I resigned myself to one goal which was to commit to a full 5 day WOD week.  If I’m not putting up the numbers I feel I should be, I should at the very least be going as much as possible.

I also tore open two callouses on my left hand on Tuesday night’s pull-up/kettlebell swing workout so I knew damn well that the snatches would be difficult for me, regardless, I’m going to get this done.

For this day, the goal would be 3 rounds.  I know I have the capacity to do 5 rounds if I can get my double-unders together but that’s for another day.

I really don’t have a whole helluva lot to say on this one, it pretty much went as I expected.  I was last off the skip rope for round 1, but I finished the snatches quickly to get back to my rope.  Skipping during round 2 went alright but I felt again like I was wearing concrete shoes, I just couldn’t get a rhythm going and when I did it was only for 4 or 5 DU’s at a time. Still, I got back to the bar around the 4 minute mark.  I hit problems on this round though when my hand wrap job came apart and I tore my hand up again, leaving a bloody mess of hockey tape on my palm and blood on the bar (don’t worry, I cleaned it up afterwards!).  I decided to do sets of 2 or 3 at a time, more if I could, just to get it done.  My last set of double-unders was frustrating again but I managed to link up 17 in a row at one point to power through quicker than the first two rounds.  With the inability to properly grip the bar during the last set, I really had to work for them but a couple more pieces of tape and some chalk helped out a bunch.

I finished the workout at prescribed (RX) weight and pulled off 9 double-unders in the last 15 seconds to pad my score but like I said, it went pretty much as I figured it would.  The important thing was dealing with the disappointment and sluggishness of the previous couple workouts and just working for a finish.


Finishing anything is better than doing nothing.


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