5 Days

With the weekend looming and 4 previous days of CrossFit completed, I decided to cap off my week with a 5th straight day of addiction. I hadn’t been feeling great earlier in the week and felt disappointed with myself a couple times but I know myself well enough to know that I need to KCCO and work through it (Keep Calm and Carry On).

I was actually quite pleased with the format for Friday’s WOD with Coach Regan.

8 Rounds
Each round is 2 minutes each
During that time you do:
5 Push Press at 95lbs
10 Back Squats at 95lbs
15 sit-ups

If you finish all those movements in 90 seconds, you’d get 30 seconds of rest, then repeat for a total of 8 rounds.  In doing this you are forcing your body to rest and recover and this actually goes a really long way in overall cardio training and performance.

I had but one goal for the night after seeing the WOD and that was to fix my back squat.

If you remember my last post on back squats, we found a few issues with my form that I need to work on and I planned to implement these on Friday.

My plan for each round was simple—power clean and jerk or snatch the 95lbs overhead for the 5 quick push presses, lower the bar to my back, do 10 quality squats without worrying about time, fire through the sit-ups as fast as I possibly could.

I felt that I did a really great job of sticking to this game plan and it worked perfectly to maintain 90 second rounds for all 8 rounds.  With my squats I focused on taking a deep breath before every squat, tightening my core, and maintaining my line from top to bottom to top.  I know I had a couple crappy squats during 80 that I completed but overall I was quite happy–plus it’s always good to hear your coach yelling “YEEEEEAAAAHHHHH” every time you do it right!  The 30 seconds of rest at the end of each round was pretty much perfect for me and I found that even with a couple seconds of rest left I was hovering over the bar just chomping at the bit to pick it up, having to hold myself off for one final breath in.

That’s really all there was to this WOD, not a lot to chat about honestly.  I’ll make it up to you, my forthcoming post about my Sunday morning at CrossFit Lethbridge will take up the leftover pieces of the internet I didn’t use on this post!


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