Yup, this was the 3rd named WOD I’ve done in the last week but yesterday’s “Diane” was a quick sprint compared to the 20 minute Nate or the 60 minute Murph.  Diane has been the talk of the CrossFit world this year because both the men and women’s records were SHATTERED at Regionals—Kristen Clever and Annie Thorisdottir tied in setting a new women’s record at 1:54 and Dan Bailey absolutely and decisively destroyed the men’s record by scoring a 95 second (1:35) workout!

Check out his effort here–


Diane is a 21-15-9 workout with 225lb deadlifts and hand-stand push-ups (HSPU’s).  Do 21 of each movement, then 15 of each, then 9 of each.


I’ve done this WOD once before, was back in December and I just re-read that post to see how I felt about it 8 months ago, take a gander if you wish but I’ll recap:

It was December 13th and I scaled down the weight to use 185lb deadlifts.  After my set of 21 and 11/15 deadlifts from round 2 I got knocked down to 135lbs for deadlifts because my form was poor and I was risking injury.  My final time using 90lbs under RX for deadlifts and HSPU’s off of a 16″ box was about 5:30.

Yesterday, I was 100% determined to use 225lbs for the deadlifts and a 24″ box for HSPU’s.  I knew I’d done this WOD before but had no idea how much of a step up this was until several hours afterwards.  I surprised myself by doing my set of 21 reps in two sets of 11 and 10.  I did all 21 modified HSPU’s from the 24″ box at a fairly deep angle unbroken and was extremely motivated by this.  My shoulder strength (or lack thereof) is a constant peeve of mine so this was a big step in the right direction for me.  I was sharing a bar with Derek and he was still using it when I finished my 21 modified HSPU’s so I ran outside and stole another person’s bar while he was doing his HSPU’s.  I really pushed myself on these deadlifts because I didn’t want to hold him up and make him wait for a bar so I managed a set of 12 and 3.  I probably could have finished all 15 unbroken but it didn’t happen this time…next time…

I ran back inside for my 15 HSPU’s and did them all unbroken again, back to the bar.  I did manage to complete my final 9 deadlifts unbroken and I got back to my HSPU box as quick as I could.  With 9 more unbroken HSPU’s I glanced up at the clock to see 5:25!  I rolled off the box and onto the floor to just catch my breath for a couple seconds, but I actually felt pretty good.

So again this proves that CrossFit doesn’t work at all.
In 8 months I did the same workout in less time with 40-90 more lbs on the bar and a more difficult HSPU modification.  I was really pleased with my time before I checked back on the blog to see the improvements that I made, and I was only more happy after that!  All I need now is RX handstand push-ups and then this is an RX workout…that’s a 30th birthday goal I think…about a year and a half away!



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