Rope Climbs and Thrusters

Going to CrossFit 403 on Monday while knowing what was in store for the WOD was a challenge.  Knowing that I’d be doing push presses and more thrusters really got to me but I was hopeful that I wouldn’t be too wrecked afterwards.  With 45 thrusters completed at 95lbs on Sunday, I knew I’d be in for a battle of mind vs. body but I was up for the challenge.

To start off our skill, we did push presses.  I know I’ve got much more in me than I did on this day but in the name of self preservation I focused on perfect technique and speed over high weight.  For my 7 sets of 3 I used 75-85-85-95-95-105-115.  Finishing at 115lbs was good for me and I was pleased with how quickly I was able to do them at this weight.  I did end up doing an extra one though because I did a push jerk on the second lift—didn’t mean to, body just sorta did it, so I did an extra push press to stay to the plan.

The WOD itself was thrusters and rope climbs–

Without a successful rope climb in my repertoire (but a desire to add it), I gave them a shot for practice.  I’ve never been able to really wrap my head around the technique for a proper rope climb but while watching the 2012 CrossFit Games last month I paid special attention to how it was being done.  Something finally clicked in my head and I gave it a shot.  I got off the ground but didn’t make it too far–then I got ropeburn on my leg on the way back down.

Instead of rope climbs for the WOD, I did “let downs”.  You stand vertical next to the rope and while maintain a straight body, lower yourself to the ground, then pull yourself back up.  3 of those equals 1 rope climb.

Right from the word “GO”, I felt beyond sluggish.  The first round of 30 thrusters felt like the last round of a 40 minute WOD and I knew this wasn’t going to be a PR kind of day.  I did the first 10 unbroken but the for the balance of the WOD it was sets of 5 all the way.  Maintain 5 per set, take a quick break, do 5 more.

Ryan handily destroyed me…as in it wasn’t even close.  With a 7 minute head start he would have still beat me.  Who keeps inviting this guy?  Jeez.

I was happy to go back to the box at 5pm though so I could shadow Coach Crip for the 515 and 630 classes.  Those went well I think, and while I wouldn’t say I’m comfortable yet, I’m getting a little more confident in front of the group.  The hardest things right now are confidently instructing the movements, praying I don’t screw that up and also the fact that I have a hard time correcting people who have been doing this longer than I have!  I was raised with a respect of seniority and hierarchy and sometimes I feel like I’m bucking the system—that said, I’m only correcting things so they don’t get hurt…I’m getting there.

With the 630 class gone and the 730 class outside warming up with Coach Crip I looked at the rope hanging in the center of the gym.  I specifically wore long pants and brought my gloves so I could retry the rope climb.  With Coach Wendy watching me, I stepped up and started to go.  1 step, good, 2 step, okay this isn’t so bad, 3rd step, I might make this…then about 5 feet from the top something happened.  I started descending.

Initially I tried to justify this to myself as “my footing didn’t feel solid” or “my grip felt weak”.  Really?  Nope, you totally just chickened out dude.

I’ve been staring at that beam across the roof for so long, wanting to climb the rope and touch the beam. Hell, it’s one of my goals on the left hand side of this page.  Maybe my brain wasn’t ready to let me believe in myself long enough to reach something that 3 months ago felt totally unattainable. I initially felt this was a 2013 goal but there’s a new deadline—I’m going to touch the roof beam at THIS CrossFit 403 location.  Read into that what you will, just know that I don’t have much time left to do this.  I’ll keep you posted!

2 thoughts on “Rope Climbs and Thrusters

  1. After this weekend, I believe you can do anything you set your mind to doing. I am totally impressed with the sport and with the people who are part of it. I am your biggest fan. Love you son.


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