Fist Pump

When I saw yesterday’s posted WOD, I wasn’t exactly sure what to think.  It was a cool pyramid style work which was: 9-6-3-6-9 reps each of deadlifts (275lbs) and overhead squats (115lbs).

I’m more than capable of doing 275lbs on deadlifts, and I’ve done a few 115lb overhead squats before but not 33 of them as quickly as possible.  I have my rule to “try every WOD at RX” but I just felt that scaling to 225lbs for deadlifts and 75lbs for OHS was going to benefit my performance greatly.  I’m 100% happy that I did this.

Overhead squats are a varying movement for me–some days I feel like I’m destroying them handily and other days they leave me in a twisted heap on the floor, but thankfully last night it was the former.

With the lower weights (for me) that I had set up, I had one two goals in mind that would go hand in hand; unbroken reps and speed.  I was aiming for a finish time of 6-7 minutes.

With one bar set for my deadlifts and one for my OHS, it was time for “3…2..1…GO!”.

I made quick work of my deadlifts and felt very comfortable with my 75lb overhead squats.  Nine reps of each done, back to deadlifts for an unbroken set of 6 followed by an unbroken set of 6 OHS.  The 3 rep round went very quickly and it was at this point that I checked the clock (which I usually don’t do on quick WODs like this). I realized that I may be able to absolutely destroy my 6-7 minute goal if I made quick transitions on the remaining sets, and maintained my unbroken reps.

Everything went VERY well until my 7th OHS in the last round.  Probably because I was going too fast, I overextended a bit which put the weight behind my centerline and put me off balance.  I couldn’t save it and I had to drop the bar.  I snatched it back up to overhead and finished my last two reps.

Final time, 5:18.

Not gonna lie, I was totally pumped up.  I generally don’t show much emotion after a WOD unless you count exhaustion as an emotion, but I threw out a fist pump and did the general meat head “I just lifted heavy shit” grunt…if anyone saw it, they probably laughed, but I’m okay with that.  Gotta do it once in a while I suppose!  I really felt awesome.

One thing that was really cool last night was that the WOD necessitated each person having access to 2 barbells, one for deadlifts and one for OHS reps.  Well, you may or may not have heard that CrossFit 403 has grown up!  From the garage that a few people shared just last November, to the space shared with a local boxing club, Coach Crip and Regan have grown CrossFit 403 into its own 5000 sq ft facility!  With this new step for the box and the hilarious amounts of room we have available, they filled that space with more racks, barbells, weights and the like which meant that we had enough equipment for each person in our 730pm group to have 2 bars to themselves!  We’re used to sharing equipment and we don’t mind at all, but it’s fun to just hop from bar to bar without waiting or thinking you want a different weight.  It’s pretty damned cool how far it’s come in such a short time.

They built a community, not a business.

Some pictures of the growth that CrossFit 403 has seen in less than a year!

The old racking in the shared facility

The same rack in the new bay

Monday’s equipment delivery from Rogue Fitness

The fully assembled new rack being used by the Teens class

Congrats on the big move Heather and Regan!  We’re all very proud to be a part of the growth!

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