Today is the day that 150 Canadian CrossFit athletes come together to show our support of Special Olympics Canada.  We are undertaking a mission to do 24 WODs in 24hours while trying to raise $50,000 for our cause–as of this writing, we’re at $45,090 in online donations only! Many of us have cash donations too and I firmly believe we’ll surpass our goal.  For more about what this event is, here’s an excerpt from the website (

What is CF24?

The ideals and foundations of Special Olympics and CrossFit couldn’t be more aligned; a spirit of inclusion, universal access to fitness and pushing yourself beyond the expectations of yourself and those around you. With that in mind, Reebok, CrossFit Gyms across Canada and Special Olympics have partnered to put on an event that embraces and stretches those ideas.

On Nov 03, 2012 participants will work out for 24hours straight. Teams of 3 will perform a 10 minute WOD every hour on the hour for 24 consecutive hours. Programming will be determined and distributed ahead of time to all participating gyms (this programming is located below).

So, now that you know a little about it, I’m not going to get wordy—this is going to be a VERY long post…basically 24 mini posts in one.  I plan to start with “Hibbert” at 5pm as I will be at work when the event starts but from that WOD on, I’m going to try and write a quick re-cap of each WOD.  Short and sweet, as much as I can. Obviously I will need some sleep and food in there too but I’ll do my best to keep this updated!

Keep refreshing the page tonight and tomorrow AM, I’ll post them right into this post under each WOD description.  Catch ya soon!


All WODs have a 10 min Time Cap.

One person per movement all must participate in each round.
“Brenton” AMRAP 10 MINS
Bear Crawl 100’
Standing Broad Jump ( after 5 jumps complete 3 Burpees)

10 MINS max weight moved “back Squat” 135/95
1 member working at a time, weight must be started from the ground

100M Run
100M walking lunge
25 Hand Release Push Ups
Staggered Start: 1st team member runs, once they are done they can begin lunges and 2nd person can begin run, once 2nd person done run, 3rd person can begin run and all members can be working at the same time. Special O athletes will also participate in this WOD, so they can rotate in as a 4th athlete.

Max Burpee in 10 MIN to 6” above reach 10 people working at a time, any participant can sub in. Keep track of total number.

400M Four legged race
Team of 3 all working. Team member in middle will have a leg tied to each member and team must carry a 20# medball

100 PullUps
100 Push Ups
100 Sit Ups
100 Squats
Two on team working on different movements One team member resting

20 Push Press 75/45
30 KBS 53/44
40 Knees to Elbows
50 Box Jump 30/24
60 Double Unders
Two team members working at a time, all reps must be completed before moving on to next movement.

Max weight Ground to Overhead any way. any how
Two team members working, two barbells working, one team member resting
First WOD with all of our team, Suns Out Guns Out–Regan, Keith, and me. We used 75lb barbells and rotated through. I was stoked to pound out 105 reps at this weight in the 10 minutes with a team total of 243 reps. Total weight moved 18225lbs!! GREAT start!!

Gym vs Gym
Max plate weight moved over 20M
max 10 athletes working at one time.
Weight must be carried in overhead walking lunge. Keep score of total number of lengths completed.
As a team, we moved 4638lbs. I managed 100m at 45lbs, so 225lbs moved for the team. There are now 150+ people in Canada with very sore bums.

WOD 10
10 rounds
10 reps Thruster 95/65
10 Ring Push ups
One team member working 10 Min time cap most work done.
We figured out a really nice routine with the 3 of us and got into a great rhythm. At RX 95lbs thrusters and ring dips we finished in 8:32. I did my ring push-ups from my knees though. Happy with the performance but man do I ever need to work on my thrusters! Great job Suns Out Guns Out!!

WOD 11
400M Partner Carry. One member must be carried at all times.
This one was quick and dirty, piggyback your partner and run like hell. All said and done was finished very quickly, under 2 minutes. It was nice to have a short WOD with lots of recovery time after.

WOD 12
Two minute max reps, one member working, 30 sec rest between movements
2min of Deadlift 135/95
2min of Ground to Shoulder 135/95
2min of Shoulder to Overhead 135/95
2min of Front Squat 135/95
This was awesome. Keith and I started strong on the deadlifts, doing alternating sets of 20. He finished the 2 minutes with 47 reps to my 40, we did GREAT! Onto cleans, our team managed 31 total reps. We knew the shoulder to overhead portion would be the hardest but I really shocked myself with my rep count. We totaled 24 of those and then with Keith leading off we hammered out 33 front squats. They really carried me here, my front squats are horrible. We did all 175 reps at 135lbs.

WOD 13
20M Inch Worm
20M Run
Done as a relay. One member working at a time.
We had a lot of fun with this one, and it was perfectly programmed. Everyone was getting pretty stiff and sore and by forcing us to do inch worms, we were able to stretch out muscles that we’d been overlooking. I actually felt pretty decent after this WOD, my team finished 12 rounds I believe.

WOD 14
50-40-30-20-10 Double unders, sit ups. All members must attempt to complete workout, Teams that compete workout it’s total time, teams that don’t complete it’s total reps.
I love Annie. This is one of my favourite WOD’s and I was happy to see it on the list. My personal best was at the Reebok CrossFit Ramsay Grand Re-Opening and I finished it at RX in 11:41. I set my mind that I WOULD finish in the 10 min time cap we were afforded and my last sit up was completed exactly at 10min flat. I’m content, now, I eat and rest.

WOD 15
Total vertical distance in 10 Mins
15’ Rope Climb max 5 members working at a time
Keep track of score
3 men really carried us here. Reg showed up to check on us all and sub-in if needed…unlucky for Reg, he’s got wicked upper body strength. We recruited him to help with our rope climbs. I opted out as my rope climbs suck on a good day and I was really not feeling up to the task. Steve and Keith also kicked up a notched, each doing 8 ascents to the rafters in the time allotment. Regan went up a couple times, as did a few member of Platoon F/X who have been here since the beginning. One girl from Platoon got her first ever rope climb, AWESOME!

WOD 16
Max distance Row 10 mins 3 burpees on the min
One machine working at a time, 2 resting athletes must complete burpees
Another great recovery WOD. Regan and Keith were both beat from WOD 15, so it was myself and 2 subs on this one. I rowed around 1000m during this WOD, which did a great job of loosening up the stuff posterior chain muscles. My burpees were slow, but they were done within time. We clocked 2472m in 10min

WOD 17
Hooverball. Beach Volleyball rules with a medicine ball. 4lb ball – Teams of three first to 5 points moves on.
Basic Rules
Video Demo
All of us had a lot of fun with this one. It was a fun way to get the blood flowing and get loose. We all definitely needed that!

WOD 18
Static hold chin over bar while team mate does AMRAP of Sumo deadlift high pull 95/65 One member resting. 10 Mins Sumo only counts so long as partners chin is over bar.
One word. Brutal. Even setting up the bar, the empty 45lb bar felt heavier than it ever has. Steve joined Team Suns Out Guns Out for this WOD and we just rotated through. He seriously killed this one, 57 reps. As a reference, I did 35. The chin over bar holds were amazingly hard at this point of the night.

WOD 19
Tabata -One arm snatch 44/35
-Turkish Get up 44/35
4 min of One Arm Snatch followed by 2 min rest followed by 4 min of TGU’s – one athlete working at a time/20 sec work interval.
Here’s where I got lost…I slept right through this one. Not gonna lie, I wasn’t looking forward to it in any way, but when I woke next it was 420am and I had missed two WODs!

WOD 20
10 Medball Clean 20/14
12 Push ups
One member working
I’m ratting us out here…not one of us did this. I woke up when the 4am buzzer went off and no one else stirred. Everyone was sound asleep, trying to recover.

WOD 21
5 Rowers max Calories
We all barely woke up for this…the buzzer went and I was first onto a rower, but it was a good minute in before I started. Shoes weren’t on, things weren’t set up, still it was good to get some rowing in and loosen things up a bit. Feels MUCH better to get the blood flowing and have some food/water after having a decent albeit short sleep. I managed 50 calories burned before I got off the rower for someone else to have a go, our gym total was 406 calories.

WOD 22
Max height WallBall
Each member has 3 attempts at max height against wall, highest one from each of the 3 members total score 20#/14#
3 attempts not needed…grab the ball, throw the thing as high as possible, go back to bed…I recorded 12 feet high.

WOD 23
One member working at a time eg. one runs, one pull ups, one KBS
This one was actually a really good one for me. We settled on Keith doing the 400m runs, myself doing the kettlebell swings, and Regan doing the pull-ups. When Keith got back from the 400m run I picked up my kettlebell and did all 21 reps unbroken. Regan pounded out more pull-ups than I would have thought possible after 22 previous workouts and it was back to Keith. I did all 3 of my rounds rather quickly I felt and all unbroken so I was very happy with how it went. Our final time I think was 7:59…respectable I think!

WOD 24
“Special O”
4 rounds – Special Olympics has reached 4 million athletes world wide!

170 Air Squats – Special Olympics operates in 170 countries around the world
68 push ups – 1968 was the first year of the Games that would become the Special Olympics
32 Pull ups – Special Olympics has programs for 32 different sports across the summer and winter games
3 225# partner deadlifts – 3% of people worldwide deal with some form of an intellectual disability

All athletes working to clear each movement before moving onto next movement.
We had 23 people at the box to help us finish this off at 8am! Twenty three! We split the numbers and figured out that everyone would have to do 29 squats, 11 push-ups, and 5 pull-ups. For the deadlifts, they’d be split amongst my, Keith, Marco and Shawn from Platoon, Derek, and Dale. Dale and Keith did the first three, Marco and Shawn did 3, then me and Derek, and I stuck around to finish the last set with my teammate Keith. Done.

I’ll come back when I’m a little more coherent, fed, and rested and try to write something profound…

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