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After the insanity that was CF24 2012, many of us took a few days off from CrossFit 403 to recover.  I was back in on Monday and Tuesday to coach some evening classes but I wasn’t up for much.  I did attempt Tuesday’s WOD but in the first round I could feel some major discomfort in my left shoulder during thrusters and I started flashing back to sitting out due to injury; I called it a night.

Thursday was going to be my “get back to normal” day after a long and slightly stressful week.  Needing a little bit of relief, I forced myself to brave the piercing cold that Mother Nature has blessed Calgary with and headed for the warmth of the gym. Usually Thursday nights are mobility nights but with the desire to shake some cobwebs I figured that no matter what I would at least do Wendler deadlift session, I need to catch up on that!

We had a small group of 3, and Shauna got us all warmed up and loose with some mobility drills.  When she stated that we were doing the posted WOD I realized I’d be doing something new–30″ box jumps. I only just got a 30″ box jump PR late last month and I’ve surely never done them in a WOD but this was as perfect a chance as any so let’s get after it!

Box jumps, walking lunges, and push-ups.  I knew from the word go that my push-ups would be the slowest part of this for me but I hoped to make up time on box jumps and by doing the walking lunges unbroken.

We started with our 2 minute kettlebell AMRAP and off we went. I had a 53lb kettlebell and swung the bastard for all I could! I had set a mental goal of 30 reps, knowing that it was both attainable and repeatable for round two. I set a personal best of 30 unbroken swings at this weight, so I was already happy…then I realized I was less than a minute in! I shook my arms out, picked it back up and just kept swinging as quick as I could.  I can honestly say I’ve NEVER been so winded after KB swings, but I did 62 in the first 120 seconds! I DESTROYED my goal and off to a great start!

For the 8 minute AMRAP, I broke my own rule and checked the times of those who had done it before me.  Figuring that completing 2 rounds was a good goal, that’s what I aimed for.

Starting with the box jumps, I felt real solid. I was landed relatively soft and getting good height so I just tried to maintain my pace. Onto walking lunges, I was using a 35lb plate for the overhead portion and I did my 16 reps (8 steps per leg).  Without surprise it was my push-ups that slowed me up but I got through and onto round 2 in around 3 minutes.  I kept repeating in my head “keep the pace, keep the pace”. Round two of box jumps and walking lunges went smooth again and it was back to hand release push-ups.  Slowly but surely I pounded out 4 sets of 6…not mind blowing by any stretch but I got them done and that was 2 rounds done! Seeing I still had a little over a minute left in the AMRAP I did my last set of 30″ box jumps as quick as I could and pushed through the walking lunges.  I managed 2 final push-ups before Shauna yelled for time.

Final score in 8 minutes, 2 rounds + 8 box jumps + 16 walking lunges + 2 push-ups.  Not bad, not bad at all.

I took my two minutes of rest and picked up the kettlebell again, to which Shauna queried “whatcha doin?”.  The earlier groups hadn’t done the second set of KB swings because while it was in the programming, it wasn’t written on the white board.  Oh well, I’m gettin’ it done!  Swing away!

I somehow managed 44 reps in the second set, still above my initial goal, so add 106 KB swings to that WOD total too!

I’m not done yet, I still wanted to do my Wendler deadlifts for the week.  You can see in the pic below the reps/weights I had to get off the floor and I was decently pleased. In my final set at 310lbs, I was aiming for a set of 8—I KNOW I can do that, but it wasn’t to be on this night.  I got 4 done and put the bar down, still happy with what had been accomplished on the night!









I’ve got a good plan for a heavy WOD to try this weekend that I can’t wait to share the results of. In the meantime, don’t forget to take some time on Sunday Nov.11 to remember those who are fighting and those who have fought and died for the freedoms we take for granted everyday.

Take care.



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