Cherry Picking

Cherry picking: The act of finding out what the WOD is BEFORE going to the gym and then basing your decision to workout on what the program contains.

I don’t know if I’ve ever discussed this before, but it’s why I usually don’t want to know what the WOD is going to be before I hit up CrossFit 403 for some fun.  Sometimes, knowing what the WOD is can get into your head and for me it has one of two effects–either I get so excited and psyched that I vibrate until I get to the gym, or I try and find excuses to not go to the gym. I found a cure for the latter though, tell someone!

Yesterday’s WOD was prime for cherry picking for 100 reasons…burpees.

The WOD was:

0-10 minutes
With timer starting at zero, complete 50 burpees. Use the time left up to 10 minutes to find a 3 rep max for Hanging Squat Snatch (bar can’t touch the ground between reps).

10-20 minutes
When clock hits 10 minute mark, complete another 50 burpees. Use the time left up to 20 minutes to find a 3 rep max for Push Jerk (bar can’t touch the ground between reps).

Last night’s WOD Board, with a little jab at Chris in the bottom left!

It looked gross.
I posted a status on Facebook stating, “Just checked the WOD for today, and if I don’t see you tonight then I am going to assume you cherry picked and avoided the gym because of burpees…tsk tsk.”  Truth be told, a lot of the reason I posted that was in order to keep MYSELF from cherry picking.  By calling attention to it I would be a hypocrite to miss the WOD myself, so there was no chance I’d be skipping out.

Ryan was back for his first WOD in weeks (battling a nasty cough/cold combo) and I haven’t worked out with the 730 crew in a while.  I missed working out with everyone, so that was another catalyst for wanting to go last night.

Shauna counted us down and off we go.  I finished the first 50 burpees in about 4:45, leaving about 5 minutes to find my snatch set.  The heaviest snatch I’ve ever done is 135lbs, and I’ve done it quite a few times now but never from a hang or for a set of 3.  I set up with 75lbs, done. 95lbs, felt awesome. 115lbs, tricky, but I got it. Alright 135–let’s go.  I only had about 20 seconds left but I gave it all I could and did an unbroken set of 3 hang squat snatches at 135lbs!  I guess I need to fix my brain and get a higher 1RM snatch number soon huh…

Back to burpees, sure enough, they still suck. I kept a decent pace though and rocked them out in about 5:30, leaving a little over 4 minutes to find my 3RM push jerk.  The most I’ve ever attempted for a 3RM push jerk is 125 and I knew I had much more in me so with my snatch bar still set at 135lbs, I just stepped up, cleaned it, and did my set of 3.  Sweet, that felt pretty damn good (surprisingly)!

I was feeling pretty pumped up at this point, having already PR’d both lifts, but I knew I had more.  I went over to grab 2 ten pound plates, but there were none left! Damn! 5’s? Nope, those were being used to.  I grabbed all the little weights I could find, which added up to 10lbs—145lbs it is! I took a minute or so to psych myself up for the clean and it was go time. My clean felt good, bar in front rack, elbows high, big breath and PUUUUUSH—1…2…3!

Got it!

I haven’t felt that good after a set of lifts in a looooooooooong time! The timer hit 20 minutes and we were done, though truth be told I know I have more in me for this one.  I’m very happy with a 280lb total (135lb snatch and 145lb push jerk) but this will be over 300lbs sooner rather than later, I know it.  I assumed the “CrossFit Recovery Position” (laying on the floor staring at the ceiling while breathing heavy) and took it in for a few seconds, and I couldn’t stop grinning.

Sweat angels…a sure sign that you got your money’s worth!

What looked like a cherry pick worthy WOD turned into the most fun I’ve had at the gym in months, I seriously had more fun that one should be allowed to have at the gym.  Thanks Coach.

One thought on “Cherry Picking

  1. Ah, the Outlaw WOD. Yeah, that was pretty nasty! Great post – I have a lot of members who choose not to look at the WOD beforehand as well. Me myself, I always need to know. :]


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