A Solid 2 Weeks

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Melinda and I stuck around town for the most part which had the bonus side effect that I was still able to visit the gym several times over the Christmas week and stay on track with eating (for the most part). Other than a couple snacks and some scotch (oh Glenlivet 15, I love you) I stayed the course fairly well and actually lost a few pounds–weighed in a 252lbs on Thursday AM. More on that tomorrow.  I’m going to use this post to recap the last couple of weeks.
I hurt my lower back in October and was having some difficulty doing a lot of things.  Deadlifts, overhead lifts, really anything with a barbell because of the core strength and support these things require.  Since I left my job at the end of November, I knew that December was the perfect time to hit the gym with a plan and work on building my lifts back up while eating well and doing my WOD’s.

I’ll start with deadlifts because it was almost exactly a year ago when I wrote this post about breaking the 300lb mark with a lift.  That was so big, I grinned and boasted for days I’m sure, I was so proud of myself.  I felt huge and awesome but oh how time flies!  Two weeks ago, I did that same lift at 305 lbs, but instead of a single rep, I did a set of 7…I had set a goal of breaking the 400lb mark by tomorrow (Dec.31) and I’ll be doing some things today to work on that and then attempting a full pull tomorrow.  My PR right now for a single deadlift is 365, which I matched last week but I KNOW I have a 400lb lift in me, whether it  happens today, tomorrow, or February, it will happen.

Overhead presses have always been difficult for me but I do enjoy the overhead movements like push presses, push jerks, overhead squats, etc. I managed a 155lb jerk a few months ago which I managed to transfer into a really ugly (though successful) overhead squat.  I knew at that point that there was more available to me in that lift and last week’s WOD’s gave me the chance to find out.  On Tuesday I went in a little early to practice this lift and by the time it was all said and done, I hit 170lbs.  I ALMOST got 175lbs but I missed locking out my right arm and dropped the lift.  It was a form mistake and I know that I could hit this for sure. Wednesday we did more clean and jerk practice when Ryan and I joined in the fun at CrossFit Lethbridge with JT and Heather and I PR’d my clean and jerk at 165lbs.  Even with my arms as sore as they were from the day before, this was still a 10lb PR for me.

I also stated in my previous post that I hit a PR of 36 consecutive double unders.  Add that to the C&J, jerk, and deadlift match, that’s 4 PR’s in a week!  No one will ever complain about that!

Last week was also the first time I had ever done the benchmark workout called Elizabeth.
Clean 135lbs
Ring Dip

Ring dips aren’t in my repertoire just yet but I can do them with some help from a purple band.  Dips are one of the gymnastic movements that I really want to gain on in 2013 and I can see them being attainable next year.  Still, I wanted to do as much RX work as I could so 135lbs was the only option for the cleans.  3-2-1 GO and I start real strong with 11 or 12 unbroken reps at 135lbs, solid.  The next few minutes went by in a bit of a blur but I was very happy to finish at 7:25. In my mind, this would be a really good time for a “normal” person if done at RX. The 13 best CrossFit athletes in the world in 2012 scored between 2:33 (Rich Froning) and 4:41 (Spencer Hendel) at the 2012 CrossFit Games–all sub 5-minutes!  Still, I’m quite happy with my result on this WOD.

To finish this off, we did “hobby” themed Christmas cards for 2012.  Melinda took on Roller Derby this year and after passing her benchmarks was drafted to a team called the “Hellwives”.  Well, the league is being restructured right now and will have one competitive team to do bouts within our area here and it sounds like she’s been convinced to try for that, I hope she does it, she’ll be great at it.  CrossFit for me is much less a hobby now than it is who I am. It’s what I do. It’s what makes me happy. Merry Christmas, and enjoy a few dorky outtakes!

Just hanging out...stretching probably.
Just hanging out…stretching probably.
Trying to fit quad wheel roller skates through the dirty south bar…
Still hanging upside down, kinda funky shot.
Melinda hanging from the dirty south bar, me holding a squat for way too long!



Probably one of the harder shots to take, this was pretty difficult to hold actually!







That’s my normal face.








Melinda’s choice, this is what she used on the Christmas cards.











This was my fave, but she liked the “action” shot.










If you have some fun CrossFit/hobby pics you want to share, please email them to me — crossfitrookie@gmail.com — I’d love to feature them on the blog!


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