Gettin Shredded

Dear friends and family,

I’m excited to tell you about a big commitment that I’ve made. We all know that losing weight is tough. My results in the past have been positive, with 100lbs missing from my body since 2011.  I have tried a lot of methods, found some that worked and more that didn’t.  I’ve Captained teams in weight loss challenges, and am happy and thankful that my efforts have inspired others to better themselves through hard work and nutrition.  That said, I’ve decided to try something different this time. Something better and bigger…way bigger.

For the next year, I will be living and training as an athlete.

I know that might sound intense, but it makes perfect sense. The fitness athletes that I admire most all have a have a coach, they follow a structured training program, they have teammates that drive and support them. Instead of dieting, they focus on eating lots of high-quality food so that they can fuel their body properly. They know how to rest and recover so that they can sustain that active, high-performance lifestyle. That lifestyle is exactly what I’ve committed to.  We are all very lucky at CrossFit 403 to have Heather, Regan, and the coaching staff we do, and I’m very proud to be part of that coaching staff, a staff that tries to push ourselves a little further in order to learn and bring more to the table for our members, our family.

To this end, I have been given the opportunity to work with CrossFit Games athlete Mike McGoldrick and his friends from the Barbell Shrugged podcast to be a part of the first Barbell Shredded program.  It’s 52 weeks of continuous work, it will be very hard, but should be very rewarding, and I am very much looking forward to learning some new things that will not only help me achieve my fitness performance goals, but will also provide me with new tools that I can bring to the amazing family at CrossFit 403.  I will still be coaching and working out with the 403 crew, that will not change, most of this journey will take place behind the scenes but I want everyone to be aware.

My hope is that one of these new tools will be effective in helping you achieve your goals and instill the confidence needed for you to BE the change you want to be.

Here’s my request – Please help to hold me accountable.

Some days will be easier than others. I won’t always feel like going to the gym for a tough workout. If we are at a restaurant and everyone is eating junk food, please don’t offer me any. I’ll just say no. And please don’t ask me again until I give in. I know that it’s “just one bite, just this once,” but that attitude is exactly why most transformations fail.

If we’re going to grab some dinner together, can we please go to a restaurant that is both delicious and healthy for us (this will be good for both us us after all…).

I need you to make this process easier for me, not harder.

You’re my friends, my family, and my support and I need you to be strong with me until I can do it all on my own.

Help remind me of my commitment. Please encourage and believe in me.

I’m still a normal person, I’ll have a cheat meal here and there, but I seriously do want the next 12 months to be the 12 healthiest months of my entire life.

With your help, I know I can make it happen and I can achieve this transformation.


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