Hostile Takeover

Hi, I’m Josh’s wife, and I am NOT a CrossFitter…so unless you know him/us in person, you’ve probably never heard of me (No, wait! He posted our Christmas card pics in 2012…where he called my roller derby a “hobby” but CrossFit “who I am.”) I guess you could call me a box bunny because I’ve been around 403 enough to be friends with a lot of the members, but as long as Josh has been doing CrossFit, I’ve been holding out on it. It’s just not my style, I don’t like getting yelled at, the gangster music, the excessive effort required…a lot of reasons. If this progresses, I will still refuse to call myself a “CrossFitter”, I will just be a person who does CrossFit. (I KNOW that’s possible, I’ve met some even at 403!)

However, for many reasons, I’m giving it a go:
-recent body image dissatisfaction, and very little motivation to actually do anything about it
-travelling for work, why not check out different boxes and see how many I can go to
-a ‘grand gesture’ of sorts to add a common interest between my husband and I (although I confess part of my lengthy holdout was absolutely begrudging of how my roller derby was never taken seriously)
-and, you know, to put something back in this space he has neglected for so long!

The catch-I’m NOT doing it at 403. I’m not even doing it with Josh (yet). I travel all over North America with my job, so I started trying it out wherever I’ve got time when on the road. Oh, and I haven’t told him I’m doing it yet…

There’s a new rookie in town.

Except out of town.

Coming to a town near you.

(Did I make that cheesy enough?)

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