Silver Strike CrossFit

June 7-20, Nevada

When I finally caved, bit the bullet, and started looking for the box where I was stationed I was in Carson City, Nevada. I thought it was a small town, imagine my surprise to find three local gyms.
At first I panicked a bit at having to choose, but I got on some message boards and asked opinions, as well as found a poster at local java hangout Comma Coffee (it just has this ‘trust us’ vibe). So I sent my ridiculously hesitant message off. Jen was quick to reply, reassuring, and just so darn friendly, that off to Silver Strike CrossFit I went.


On arriving I found puppies and very welcoming, friendly folks. It wasn’t huge like 403, more like 403 was in their last location. These guys had been open for a mere month.

And I found out the gym owner Jen sufficiently creeped me back on facebook, and discovered mutual law enforcement connections. I can be apprehensive confiding in people that I’m away from home with minimal supervision, for obvious safety reasons, yet I unknowingly chose the gym owned by a cop; with at least one other police officer and a corrections officer among their membership. Josh had seemed a little concerned with all my talk of “people I met at the gym” and I laughed silently, wishing I could tell him how safe I was (remember he’s currently in the dark on this). Another reason I knew I chose the right gym-a copy of Supple Leopard on the stereo.

The coaches were made well aware of the fact that I knew NOTHING, and Mike went over all the movements we would be doing in the workout with me. The warmup was back squats so we started with an empty bar and practiced form while everyone went through their warmup. A LOT of form was corrected (yes honey, my squats suck), and true to CrossFit form, even though half of my warmup was instruction, the warmup felt like a workout.


I’m in there!



Then came the actual workout. Sprints were outside. In the sun. In the 95 degree desert (at least it’s a dry heat).
I only had an empty bar but the rest of the class treated me like I was one of them and we all chipped away at the tasks. I rewarded myself at each sprint turnaround with a pat on the bulldog’s head.



Tried my best to focus on the form, and squatting deeper since I had the advantage of no weight, but I’m sure by the end I was only going down about 3″.

True to CrossFit form there were lots of “congratulations” and “good jobs”. I was DEAD, and it took three days for me to be able to sit down unassisted again.


But I went back for more…NOT the next day like my sadistic husband’s first time. Four days later. The same coach and two of the same people from my first class were there. A nice small group so I could stay supervised without taking too much attention from others.

Once again, I was ready to be done after the warmup (wasn’t that the workout?). Alex & Mike put weight on my bar-just 10 per side, but it was enough to feel the dynamics of the movement more than PVC pipe offered. Kind of neat to have a ‘click’ moment. 10 more per side was added but I lost form quick so we pulled it back off (yay for being safe!).

Setting up for the workout we opted to split the difference and add 5 to each side. Holy crap honey I did a workout with a 45lb bar! (Shut up that’s big for me.) I was REALLY ready to be done after three rounds, I’ll give CrossFit props for having that peer pressure aspect that made me finish. I wasn’t fast, but I finished. And I was wrecked again.



Umm…and again (despite posting now, I was composing as I go). A long story involving airplanes and explosives (that do belong on the airplanes!) and FedEx and I was stressed and upset and still stuck NOT going home. So why not add some physical pain to the mix. We tried handstands, did strict presses (mine suck less than my squats form-wise, I just have ZERO strength. Bar only, albeit the 35lb one) paired with Michelle who had been there every time with me (who just about got back to her 1RM!). Then Annie, which I kind of did in 13 minutes. I didn’t double the single-under count on the 40s set (the coach said I didn’t have to at all) but I figured I paid to be there, why cheat myself out of it. It would be like leaving for 15 minutes in the middle of a movie. It got super awkward (to me) at the end when I was the last one going and everyone watched, but I’m starting to like this crowd ❤️

Silver Strike CrossFit
(775) 720-8304
3260 Centennial Park Dr, Carson City NV

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