Made In CrossFit

June 29, Arizona

Remember how I said I was stressed just picking a box when I had three choices? Here’s what came up when I was in Tempe (Phoenix):



Holy. Crap.

I started with the ones closest to my hotel, as well as either of the airports I’d be working from. I swiftly axed the airport ones as I had no interest in driving 20 minutes home after, soaked in sweat. It’s too dang hot.



(And this was AFTER the workout and the quick drive back to base!)

To be totally honest, I spent a LOT of time comparing, but I’m pretty sure I picked Made In CrossFit because they had Murph pics up. Off went a message and back came a very welcoming invitation. Since they had scheduled intro classes, I plugged my info into their website and waited for the next one.

Upon arrival, owner Oscar welcomed me, and assured me form and mobility were tantamount (Yep! Look what I found!). I watched a bit of the previous workouts finishing up, and witnessed some new PRs – heard the bell ring and lots of congratulations from everyone else. It felt like an awesome environment to be in.



Coach Katie took the newbies and went over all the movements, including scaled options available; then we went for a run, and I got SUPER lightheaded (due to some huge issues happening back home, I really hadn’t eaten that day or drank enough water). I’ll admit up front I didn’t push hard, my lunges could have gone deeper, my Spider-Man’s longer, but my goal was not to black out. I let the coach know so she could keep an eye out, and she kept form in check where any weight was involved.

We did 3 rounds of 5 Spider-Man wall walks, 100′ weighted walking lunges, and 5 diamond push-ups. I finished right at the 15 minute time cap, tired and SOAKED.



Due to the aformentioned issues back at home, I pretty much finished my work and booked the first flight back, but if I find myself back in Phoenix, I plan to go visit again!
A couple more shots of their giant facility (lifted from their facebook page)

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Made In CrossFit
(480) 415-4745
#5, 1130 W. Alameda Dr, Tempe AZ

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