Personal Records

Here’s a page for my PR’s, I’ll update when applicable!

“The Girls”
Angie 26:24 Apr24/13 – One green band for 50pu, then jumping.  The rest RX’d
Chelsea 4 rounds
Cindy 11 rounds (purple band)
Diane 5:25 225lbs, HSPU off of 24″ box
Elizabeth 7:25 (135lb barbell, purple banded ring dips)
Fran 9:05 @ 95lbs, green band for pull-ups
Grace 3:00 @ 115lbs, May 2/2013
Karen 11:33 RX
Nancy 23:07 RX Apr22/13.

Lifts (1 Rep Max)
Deadlift 395lbs
Snatch 145lbs
Clean & Jerk 165lbs (Dec 19)
Clean 200lbs
Shoulder Press 115lbs
Push Press 145lbs
Push Jerk 170lbs (Dec 18)
Thruster 115lbs
Back Squat 275lbs
Front Squat 205lbs
Overhead Squat 155lbs
Consecutive Double-Unders – 48

CrossFit Total (Apr26/13):
Back Squat – 275lbs
Strict Press – 110lbs
Deadlift – 365lbs
TOTAL – 750lbs

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